Autumn Relief
The Cocktail:

A sophisticated setting for sentimental flavors, comfortable and elegant, this cocktail is as bright and refreshing as it is complex and warming. 

Midwest Gin, Black Walnut Bitters, Lemon, and our in-house Fig, Tawny Port & Amaro Syrup. 

The Kit: 
(6 Cocktails)

​1 Bottle Midwest Gin (750 mL)
1 Jar Fresh-Squeezed Lemon Juice (8 oz)
1 Bottle Fig, Tawny Port & Amaro Syrup (Black Walnut Bitters pre-mixed into syrup)
6 Figs canned in house syrup to Garnish
6 Dehydrated Lemon Wheels to Garnish
1 Glass Measuring Beaker
6 Straws
6 Coasters
1 Bag of Spiced Nuts (for snackin while you're sippin)
1 Recipe Card

Price: $40.00
Cocktail Kits
Our bar staff and bar manager created this unique offering as a way to reconnect with our customers over drinks- and share some fun new recipes for cocktails. We hope you enjoy our new Cocktail Kit Offering. LIMITED SUPPLY, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED
Hiemal (Wintry)
​The Cocktail:

This cocktail is another ode to the seasons- crisp wintry ingredients ike ginger and rosemary balance out the heat of the bourbon, leaving just enough space for a hint of fresh pear to linger afterwards. 

Mellow Corn Bourbon, Lemon Angustora and our in-house syrup: fressh ginger, rosemary and bartlett pear.  

The Kit:
(6 cocktails)

1 Bottle Mellow Corn Bourbon (750 mL) 
1 Jar Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (8 oz)
1 Bottle Ginger, Rosemary and Bartlett Pear Syrup (with Angostura pre-mixed into syrup. 
6 Bitters-soaked pear chip wrapped rosemary sprigs to garnish. 
1 Glass Measuring Beaker
8 Straws
6 Coasters
1 Bag of Spiced Nuts (for snacking while you're sippin)
1 Recipe Card

Price: $40.00 
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